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A quarter of our life is spent on work, which occupies our main life.

Zhuangzi said, "life has a limit, but learning has no limit.". In the baptism of the years, every little bit of progress growth is particularly important. For more than ten years, jiehuiduo technology has been adhering to the tenet of "prospering the country with science technology putting people first". It is hoped that it will only improve the quality of life, but also enhance exercise its own ability.

The top management of the company adheres to the following eight principles of human resource management:

(1) Give people fish: give employees money to support their families;

(2) Teach people to fish: teach employees how to do things;

(3) To teach people to desire: to stimulate the desire of employees to advance, so that employees set their own goals;

(4) Teach people to have fun: bring happiness to work, let employees get happiness;

(5) Teach people to be stupid: tell the team to do things solidly, steadily wisely, to take shortcuts opportunism;

(6) To teach people to meet: to create team growth, learning, development opportunities, achievement of life;

(7) Give people credit: help team members get spiritual praise become more valuable people;

(8) Teach people to use the universe: rise to a higher level, realize wisdom enjoy life.


Our cash income includes: basic salary + performance bonus + subsidy + year-end bonus, etc.

Our welfare includes all kinds of social security stipulated by the state a number of special comprehensive welfare, including:

·Social insurance: pension, medical treatment, work-related injury.

·Paid leave: we hope that employees will work live in a balanced way. Employees who have been employed for more than one year less than ten years are entitled to 5 working days' paid leave. Employees who have worked for more than 10 years are entitled to 10 working days' paid leave every year.

·Supplementary medical insurance: in addition to the medical insurance in social insurance, employees also enjoy additional supplementary outpatient emergency medical insurance, hospitalization medical insurance female maternity allowance.

·Accident insurance: we share risks provide guarantee for our employees. In addition, we purchase Italian personal insurance China Life Insurance for every employee on the job.

·Annual staff care: in traditional festivals, in order to show the care for employees, we will offer a beautiful annual gift.

·There is a theme activity every month to activate the corporate culture connect the collision between employees.

·There is a travel arrangement once a year to allow employees to relax after work.

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