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Automatic solder paste mixer

Automatic solder paste mixer

  • Classification:Solder paste automatic adding device
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  • Date of issue:2020-04-21
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Gaw-900 automatic solder paste mixer product performance:

This machine is an automatic solder paste mixer. It has the characteristics of convenient operation, rapid mixing good mixing ability. In the process of mixing, the solder paste does need to be opened, so there will be no oxidation moisture absorption in the solder paste. On the basis of replacing manual mixing, the working efficiency quality are greatly improved.

Gaw-900 automatic solder paste mixer features:

Very balanced operation, no jitter;

Very quiet operation, no noise;

45 angle design, no paste on the cover of the solder paste bottle after mixing;

Microcomputer control, after mixing, the buzzer has a prompt to finish mixing;

It is suitable for all kinds of solder pastes;

Multiple safety protection to ensure the safety of operation.


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