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Fully automatic steel mesh measuring instrument

Fully automatic steel mesh measuring instrument

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  • Date of issue:2020-04-21
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Functions of automatic steel mesh measuring instrument:

Full function: micro visual measurement of steel mesh; stepped steel mesh hole wall thickness; hole wall quality direct observation; high-precision tension measurement scheme; whole plate defect inspection other functions;

High precision testing: marble platform, all cast gantry structure; non-contact grating ruler; closed-loop positioning technology; full plate scanning detection technology; high-resolution industrial camera;

Virtual printing function: steel mesh Gerber comparative analysis; PCB Gerber comparative analysis; PC В physical scanning; steel mesh physical measurement scanning; four point photo analysis;

Process value of automatic steel mesh measuring instrument:

1. Prediction / error proofing in advance, intuitive reliable: the opening design of steel mesh can be predicted in advance, which is reasonable provides data reference;

2. Optimization design evidence: Sustainable optimization improvement for the design code of steel mesh opening

3. Problem solving: when printing process difficulties problems occur, provide comparison data reference, provide intuitive reliable basis for improvement;

4. Reduce the cost: reduce the number of steel holes, improve the production success rate, improve the efficiency of process research;

5. the best the best: according to the data accuracy, we can more high-quality suppliers products;

Application description of automatic steel mesh measuring instrument:

01. Verification of steel mesh incoming materials: 1. Inspection of steel mesh incoming materials; 2. Inspection control of steel mesh; 3. Research on the correctness of steel mesh opening;

02. Steel mesh cleaning inspection: 1. Steel mesh cleaning effect confirmation; 2. Steel mesh plugging control; 3. Steel mesh tension precision change control;

03. Process research reference: 1. Steel mesh precision comparison, steel mesh opening supplier capacity evaluation; 2. Tin amount simulation in advance. 3. Steel mesh tension, accuracy change control, parameter reference; 4. All kinds of detailed accurate data to provide objective reference;


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