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Automatic water-based screen cleaning machine

Automatic water-based screen cleaning machine

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Automatic water-based screen cleaning machine

Features of automatic water-based screen cleaning machine:

Working mode: cleaning + spray cleaning + air cutting drying

Cleaning performance: Micro mesh ultrasonic cleaning OK

Small consumption: 30-50ML / time

High efficiency: 10-20min / time, short drying time of air cutting

Economy: long life water-based cleaner, three-stage circulation

Filtering accuracy 50 mesh / 20um / 50m, overflow function

Reliability: PLC full process parameter monitoring

Operation maintenance: one button operation, touch screen display, automatic rubber extraction

Cleaning range of automatic water-based screen cleaning machine:

It can be used for cleaning solder paste, red glue other residues on printing screen,

It can also be used for PCB misprinting scraper cleaning

Cleaning size range: 740 * 740 * 40MM



Product parameters of automatic water-based screen cleaning machine:

Boundary dimension: 1450 * 780 * 2080mm (L * w * h)

Weight: 200kg

Power supply: 380VAC 3phase 50Hz, about 11kw

Air supply: 4-6bar, 12mm air hose

Water source: required

Vent: 100mm

Cleaning tank volume: about 556ml

Rinsing tank volume: 35ml

Rinse filter bag 4 × 10 mm, 10 mm

Cleaning filter element: 20Inch, 5micrometer

Rinsing filter element: 20Inch, 5micrometer

Reasons for choosing tj29us-v9 automatic water-based screen cleaner:

1) Save the king! Low consumption! Less than traditional equipment

30% - 80% of operation cost

2) Ultrasonic precision cleaning, fine spacing micro mesh

Clean it thoroughly

3) No residual water mark after drying

4) Air cut drying, high efficiency energy saving

5) Fully automatic, fully closed

6) Environmental protection safety: use water-based environmental cleaning agent pure water rinsing

No flash point, non-toxic, health safety

7) Visual process operation, simple intuitive: PLC automatic control

7-inch touch screen control, simple intuitive, one button start

8) Easy to maintain


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