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Intelligent furnace temperature tester

Intelligent furnace temperature tester

  • Classification:Furnace temperature tester
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  • Date of issue:2020-04-21
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Features of intelligent furnace temperature tester:

Small volume, suitable for the reflux furnace with narrow mouth

The line body can be selected for storage, the furnace temperature curve corresponding to the line body can be downloaded

Three trigger modes (time trigger, temperature trigger, custom trigger)

Automatic serial port allocation

Software administrator rights

20 groups of line body data can be saved, each group of line body can store up to 20 m data

Automatic curve analysis

Custom process analysis items standard values

With software to view temperature curve X, Y axis custom zoom

The indicator with software to view the temperature curve can view the temperature data at any point of the temperature curve the corresponding time point

The physical photos that can be inserted into PCB can be transmitted downloaded in real time, the temperature data can be displayed. The slope calculation of any two points of the display curve can be customized, the slope ЕХ can be calculated quickly

Exclusive SPC chart automatic analysis CPK calculation for continuous test, convenient quick CPK verification of reflux furnace temperature performance

Report printing function, download, analysis data import export function (pdfexcel. Text)



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