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Eight channel furnace temperature tester

Eight channel furnace temperature tester

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  • Date of issue:2020-04-21
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Eight channel furnace temperature tester

Eight channel furnace temperature tester product function:

Tolerance curve, which can be compared with two groups of temperature curves

High temperature any time temperature

Network edit zoom curve zoom display

Location name PCB diagram of temperature sampling point

Company name, product name remark information input

Horizontal temperature line, vertical time time between two times

Report can be printed data can be exported

Features of eight channel furnace temperature tester:

Exquisite appearance

Li-On rechargeable

8-Channel, general for electronics factory

With Bluetooth function wireless transmission

Heat preservation box with adjustable width carrier

Eight channel furnace temperature tester

Specifications parameters of eight channel furnace temperature tester:

Equipment model: kc8b II

Thermocouple: Type K

Working voltage: 3V

Measurement accuracy: 1 ℃

Sensitivity: - 90dbm

Bluetooth power: 20dbm

Output resistance: 50 Ω

Working frequency: 2.4GHz

Transmission rate: 115200bps

Measurement range: 0-500 ℃

Record points: 135000

Transmission distance: 100m (open land)

Application: wave soldering / reflow soldering temperature recording

Battery: explosion proof lithium battery, 3.2V, 800MAH

Boundary dimension: 175 * 84 * 21mm (L * w * h)

Sampling frequency: settable, 0.0625s-15.9375s

Data transmission: Bluetooth transmission, real-time monitoring


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