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Automatic nozzle cleaner

Automatic nozzle cleaner

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  • Date of issue:2020-04-21
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Automatic nozzle cleaner

Product function of automatic nozzle Cleaner:

Special mechanical design is adopted to crush the pure water,

Mix with high pressure air spray to SMT nozzle at high speed

Top, creates a high pressure wash at the top of the suction nozzle

Area, clean the suction nozzle by high frequency vibration

Solder paste impurities, stubborn substances, etc

Features of automatic nozzle Cleaner:

Fixed cleaning head: change one-to-one cleaning mode improve alignment accuracy

24 cleaning heads work alternately: reduce cleaning time increase cleaning quantity

Automatic in out door: change the traditional push position to avoid the offset of the position, resulting in unclean cleaning of the suction nozzle

Dual display: the control panel video panel are separated independently to monitor the internal situation in real time

Water level air pressure alarm system: change manual detection to avoid efficiency drop equipment damage caused by negligence

Product parameters of automatic nozzle Cleaner:

Cleaning quantity: 24

Monitoring mode: camera

Operation panel: touch screen 7 inches (optional)

Video Panel: 5 inches

Working voltage: AC 110V-250V 50-60Hz

Working air pressure: 0.5-0.6mpa

Air source: compressed air

Air source requirements: ≥ 0.6MPa

Power: 100W

Weight: 75kg

Size: 550mm (H) x 542mm (W) x 510mm (d)


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