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How to choose a suction nozzle cleaning machine suitable for the company?


In the work of the suction nozzle, some dirt may easily lead to the clogging of the suction nozzle, such as solder, flux other substances. The traditional way of cleaning the suction nozzle is ultrasonic cleaning, but now this method is gradually eliminated, because there is no way to clean some small suction nozzles. At this time, the new generation of nozzle cleaning machine is particularly important. In the face of so many brands of nozzle cleaning machines in the market, how can we choose a good nozzle cleaning machine?

How to choose a suction nozzle cleaning machine suitable for the company?

1. a good nozzle cleaning machine, first of all, we need to clear their own needs, clear their commonly used nozzle size, material, etc. For example, the specifications of standard materials suction nozzles are basically fixed. If the specifications of suction nozzles are small, full-automatic series should be selected, the cleaning effect will be better.

2. According to the frequency of using the nozzle cleaner to choose the model, according to their actual situation to choose the appropriate nozzle cleaner model.

3. Operation function of the nozzle Cleaner: This is a good nozzle cleaner that must be considered, such as whether the operation interface of the product is simple easy to use, whether the nozzle cleaner has drying, whether the nozzle cleaner has emergency stop switch, whether the design of the nozzle cleaning working area is reasonable, whether the operation authority is divided.

4. The importance of the cleaning effect of the suction nozzle is self-evident. We use the suction nozzle cleaning machine to ensure that the dirty suction nozzle can be cleaned, so as to save more labor costs for the company. It can be examined with an industrial microscope.

5. Price of suction nozzle cleaning machine: according to the quantity of disposable cleaning suction nozzle the material of equipment. As for the price, it is also one of the standards to judge whether a nozzle cleaner is easy to use. The intelligent level of the equipment is also an important factor affecting the price, the high-end equipment cleaning effect is better.

6. Although it seems that the after-sales service of the nozzle cleaner manufacturer has no direct relationship with whether the nozzle cleaner is easy to use, in fact, a nozzle cleaner company with good after-sales service can help you a lot, which is mainly reflected in the later maintenance. It is suggested that you should focus on this point in the process of selecting the nozzle cleaner.


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