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What is a nozzle cleaner?


The suction nozzle cleaning machine is a kind of cleaning equipment which can replace the traditional steel needle ultrasonic vibration cleaning suction nozzle. The dirt on the suction nozzle that cannot be removed before can be removed in a short time. in the cleaning process will damage the suction nozzle, because the use of non-toxic harmless cleaning fluid, the whole process is more environmentally friendly.

With the development of SMT, miniaturization high-density mounting of parts become the trend. Subsequently, the suction nozzle of SMT Mounter is more precise has a greater impact on the mounting quality. In the actual installation process, because the suction nozzle is stained with solder, flux other dirt, it is easy to block the suction nozzle cause throwing materials. Earlier, we could solve the problem by the way of steel needle poke ultrasonic vibration.

What is a nozzle cleaner?

In view of this situation, a new cleaning method is adopted in the developed nozzle cleaner, which can remove the dirt on the nozzle that could be removed before in a short time. the suction nozzle will be damaged during cleaning. Because of the use of non-toxic harmless cleaning fluid, the whole process is more environmentally friendly.

Principle of suction nozzle cleaning machine: with unique mechanical design, water can be crushed to produce very small water mist, which can form powerful kinetic energy to spray on the suction nozzle at the speed of sound (v = 360m / s), forming a continuous energy field above the suction nozzle to be cleaned, crushing the dirt on the surface inside (since the suction nozzle is placed independently, it will damage the suction nozzle during the cleaning process); after one-time cleaning, The detergent can be discharged directly because it has no harmful substances!


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