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Suction nozzle cleaner manufacturers tell you, the current development classification of industrial cleaning industry!


The cleaning involved in the process of industrial production labor belongs to the category of industrial cleaning. Food industry. Textile industry. Paper industry. Printing industry. Petroleum processing industry. Transportation industry, electric power industry, metal processing industry, machinery industry, automobile manufacturing, instruments meters, electronic industry, post telecommunications, home appliances, medical instruments. Optical products, military equipment, aerospace, atomic energy industry, etc. are widely used in cleaning technology.

Industrial cleaning can generally be classified in two ways as follows:

1、 According to the different requirements of cleaning precision, it is mainly divided into three categories: general industrial cleaning, precision industrial cleaning ultra precision industrial cleaning. General industrial cleaning includes vehicle, ship aircraft surface cleaning, which can only remove relatively coarse dirt; precision industrial cleaning includes cleaning in the process of processing production of various products, cleaning of various materials equipment surfaces, which is characterized by the ability to remove small dirt particles; ultra precision cleaning includes mechanical parts electronic components in the process of precision industrial production, Ultra precision cleaning of optical components aims to remove extremely small dirt particles.

2、 According to the different cleaning methods, it can also be divided into physical cleaning chemical cleaning: Based on the principles of mechanics, acoustics, optics, electricity heat, depending on the effect of external energy, such as mechanical friction, ultrasonic, negative pressure, high pressure, etc.). UV, steam other methods to remove the dirt on the surface of the object are called physical cleaning; depending on the role of chemical reaction, the method of using chemicals other solvents to remove the dirt on the surface of the object is called chemical cleaning. For example, using various inorganic organic acids to remove the rust scale on the surface of the object, using oxidants to remove the stains on the surface of the object, using fungicides. Physical cleaning chemical cleaning have their own advantages disadvantages, but also have good complementarity. In the practical application process, they are usually used together to get better cleaning effect.

Suction nozzle cleaner manufacturers tell you, the current development  classification of industrial cleaning industry!

In recent years, new technology has been used in cleaning technology. For example, with the development of biotechnology, more more enzymes microorganisms are used in cleaning technology. In the process of air purification water treatment, the use of activated carbon is becoming more more popular, which uses adsorption. In addition, there are electrolytic cleaning

At present, there are more than 1000 enterprises engaged in the production operation of various cleaning equipment, including more than 200 enterprises engaged in the production of ultrasonic cleaning machines, more than 1000 enterprises engaged in the production distribution of cleaning agents, forming a huge industry. Therefore, the development prospect of industrial cleaning industry is huge, the development of suction nozzle cleaning machine industry is very possible!


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