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What are the common faults of suction nozzle cleaner?


In the process of using the nozzle cleaning machine, it is inevitable that there are faults. In case of problems, the causes shall be carefully found according to different fault phenomena.

① Spray gun does spray water: 1. The water inlet water filter are blocked. 2. The nozzle is blocked. 3. The heating spiral pipe is blocked, the scale shall be removed if necessary.

② . unstable outlet pressure: 1. Insufficient water supply. 2. Air suction pipeline is caused by pipeline rupture detergent suction nozzle inserted with detergent. 3. The nozzle is worn. 4. The seal of high-pressure water pump is leaking.

What are the common faults of suction nozzle cleaner?

③ The burner does ignite burn: 1. The air intake is insufficient white smoke is emitted. 2. The fuel filter, fuel pump fuel nozzle are dirty blocked. 3. The solenoid valve is damaged. 4. The position of ignition electrode changes the spark is too weak. 5. High voltage ignition coil is damaged. 6. The pressure switch is damaged.

In case of the above problems of the nozzle cleaner, the user can find out the causes remove the faults by himself. However, in case of serious faults such as pump body leakage crankcase leakage, the nozzle washer shall be sent to the professional maintenance department with complete accessories strong technical force for repair, so as to avoid unnecessary economic losses.


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