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How to operate SMT automatic steel mesh cleaning machine?


With the rapid development of mechanical equipment, it gradually replaced the manual operation. SMT plant also eliminated the manual cleaning of steel mesh applied the full-automatic steel mesh cleaning machine to clean the mesh. This only improves the efficiency, but also cleans it thoroughly. The formation application of SMT automatic steel mesh cleaning machine is based on this trend.

Operation process of steel mesh cleaning machine:

1. Start inspect the steel mesh cleaning machine: check whether the inlet air pressure is 0.45mpa-0.75mpa, turn on the power switch connect the exhaust pipe.

2. Use the automatic filling draining system to fill enough liquid in the tank. Adjust the fixed fixture of mesh plate according to the specifications of steel mesh to be cleaned.

3. Check the display of each part of the control panel, air indicator shows dark green, which means there is no problem; if it shows red, it means there is enough air pressure no compressed air.

4. Put the steel mesh to be cleaned into the steel mesh cleaning machine. After checking arranging, close the door of the cleaning room. At this time, observe the (door) display light on the control panel. Dark green indicates normal pneumatic operation, red indicates that the door is closed, the equipment will work.

5. Cleaning time setting: open the protective cover of the drying time controller, press the white key (time setting lock key) according to the direction, adjust the three black keys on the right, release the white key close the protective cover after the time required for setting the number. The set time is locked. The time unit is seconds (except for 5 9S), the general cleaning time is set in the range of 240-999 seconds.

6. Setting the drying time: open the protective cover of the drying time controller, press the white key (time setting lock key) in the direction of the arrow, adjust the three black keys on the right side respectively, release the white key after setting the time required by the number, then the set time will be locked. Generally, the drying time is set in the range of 400-600 seconds.

7. Adjust the emergency stop to reset.

8. Press the start keyboard, the equipment starts, the cleaning controller starts timing, starts cleaning the steel mesh at the same time. When the cleaning time reaches, it will automatically switch to the drying controller, the drying controller starts timing, starts drying. When the drying time reaches, the work ends, the timer stops timing, the machine also stops working.

9. Open the steel mesh cleaning machine, the equipment will reset automatically, take out the steel mesh, the one-time cleaning step is completed.

How to operate SMT automatic steel mesh cleaning machine?

Precautions for use:

1. Under normal working conditions, the cleaning agent shall be added once a week for the steel mesh cleaning machine;

2. Pay attention to check the height of the cleaning liquid part at the lower right window of the equipment. If the liquid level is less than m, the cleaning liquid must be filled in immediately;

3. Pay attention to the purpose of the inlet outlet valves of each air pump, do open the valves casually.


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