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What is steel mesh? Why should we use steel mesh cleaning machine to clean steel mesh?


What is SMT steel mesh? What is the main use of steel mesh? At the same time, how to clean SMT steel mesh? Let's start today with a series of questions.

SMT steel mesh is a very thin piece of steel. The specification size of SMT steel mesh are generally fixed to match the solder paste printing machine, but the thickness of the screen plate is 0.08mm, 0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm so on, which are adopted by many people as needed.

What is steel mesh? Why should we use steel mesh cleaning machine to clean steel mesh?

The main purpose of SMT steel mesh is to make the solder paste printed on the circuit board. Therefore, there are many holes engraved on the top of SMT steel mesh. When printing solder paste, the solder paste should be applied on the top of the screen board, the circuit board will be placed under the steel mesh. Then, a scraper (usually a scraper, because the solder paste is similar to toothpaste like viscous substance) is used to brush the steel with solder paste When the solder paste is squeezed, it will flow down the holes of the steel mesh stick to the top of the circuit board. When the steel mesh is removed, you can see that the solder paste has been printed on the circuit board. Simply put, steel mesh is like a cover prepared in advance when painting, while solder paste is equivalent to paint. The cover is engraved with the pattern you need, the pattern you need will be displayed when painting on the cover.

The cleaning machine of SMT steel mesh generally has a special cleaning machine, i.e. "steel mesh cleaning machine". At this stage, the steel mesh cleaning machine of full pneumatic type is generally used for cleaning the steel mesh, a few people use ultrasonic steel mesh cleaning machine. The difference between the two is that the former uses the pure pneumatic cleaning method, which does need to be electrified in the whole process, avoiding the potential safety hazard caused by electricity, the second is that the pneumatic steel mesh cleaning machine is cleaner thorough for cleaning the small holes.


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