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Can the use of automatic nozzle cleaner produce economic benefits?


What economic benefits can be produced by using the automatic nozzle cleaner? Let's follow the small knitting of the nozzle cleaner manufacturer to have a look!

1. To reduce the purchase cost of the suction nozzle, the scrapping of the suction nozzle is often caused by dirty related accidents. After using this machine, the problem can be fundamentally solved. The original suction nozzle is expensive, mostly over a few hundred even a thousand yuan (at least 16 for one machine now). In the long run, the economic benefit is considerable.

2. To reduce the unnecessary manual traditional cleaning method, a large number of manual long-time processing is required. After using the automatic nozzle cleaning machine, it does need a special person to spend a long time, all of them are handed over to C3 automatic nozzle cleaning machine.

Can the use of automatic nozzle cleaner produce economic benefits?

3. To reduce the defective rate of the product, the unclean suction of the suction nozzle is strong, which is easy to cause the sliding of the components the occurrence of the throwing phenomenon, resulting in the improvement of the defective rate of the product.

4. To improve the production efficiency of electronic factory, the correct cleaning keeps the suction nozzle in a new state, avoids the identification error greatly improves the production capacity.

Integrated with the above, the electronic factory using automatic nozzle cleaning machine is a good choice!


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