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How to use the nozzle cleaner precautions?


With the development progress of industry, SMT production process has also changed greatly. The minimization of components high-density mounting is a challenge to SMT mounting technology. The problem of suction nozzle accounted for 32%. SMT production process to solve the problem of nozzle cleaning maintenance has become an urgent need to solve. So how to use the nozzle cleaner?

Preparation before cleaning the suction nozzle cleaning machine;

1. Make sure that the air supply pipe is closed before use

2. The water when we use the nozzle cleaner. It can be pure water distilled water, some industrial solvents.

3. Inject pure water into the water injection port above the machine. Before adding water, be sure to check the water level gauge on the left side. The water level gauge is divided into low high. After water injection, try to be in the middle position ( too high too low) make sure that the cover of the water injection port is tightened.

4. Connect the air source to see the cleaning pressure gauge air drying pressure gauge. When adjusting, pull them out gently, then rotate them. After the adjustment is completed, press it lightly. The operation of air drying pressure gauge is the same. (different manufacturers may use different machines)

How to use the nozzle cleaner  precautions?

The cleaning of the suction nozzle of the suction nozzle cleaning machine;

1. Put the suction nozzle into the tray

2. Open the cleaning machine with automatic door opening closing, make sure to clamp the four corners firmly when placing it. Close with automatic door after clamping

3. Click "automatic cleaning" to open "cleaning time setting" "air drying time setting". It is recommended to adjust the air drying time to twice the cleaning time. Then click "start" to start cleaning. After cleaning, the tray door will open automatically.

4. Take out the tray, take out the suction nozzle place it under the microscope to see the washing degree.

Note: during the cleaning process, make sure that the automatic door is closed how to operate the machine in the open state. the whole structure, all suction nozzle cleaning machines are the same. Of course, different models of different manufacturers have their own characteristics.


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