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All employees of jiehui multi furnace temperature tester factory attend the training of "safety knowledge seminar"


In combination with the safety production month activity currently being carried out, all employees of jiehuiduo technology furnace temperature tester factory participated in the training learning of "safety knowledge lecture" in the conference hall. During this training, colleagues of the R & D department especially gave key guidance explanation to "fire safety".

All employees of jiehui multi furnace temperature tester factory attend the training of "safety knowledge seminar"

In terms of fire safety, the trainer mainly elaborated the basic knowledge of combustion explosion, fire risk classification, fire explosion-proof principle measures, fire-fighting principle methods, use of fire-fighting equipment, use of fire safety facilities, initial fire fighting emergency disposal, fire escape methods, grass-roots fire management, education training. Through the broadcast of video images shocking scenes, colleagues are able to feel the importance of safe operation how to deal with accidents.

It is reported that all the colleagues in the production department of the company are old employees with more than five years of experience. For the emergencies experienced in the past work, everyone has made analysis insight one by one. In order to actively offer suggestions suggestions, the company will give opinions methods for the safety rectification. For example, the operation of "all lathes" is strictly prohibited to operate with gloves. The employees suggest that the label of "no gloves" should be pasted on the wall of the area the lathe is placed, so as to alert the operator time to time.

In addition to the colleagues in the production department of jiehui multi science technology furnace temperature tester manufacturer, the colleagues in other departments of the company also discussed the rectification opinions as follows:

1、 No smoking in the office.

2、 When smoking outside the office area, the cigarette end shall be extinguished immediately after smoking thrown into the cigarette end placing area. It is forbidden to throw cigarette butts everywhere.

3、 After work, all employees shall check whether the power is off whether the doors windows are closed tightly.

4、 Keep a high level of safety awareness at any time to achieve safe production.

5、 Regularly participate in "safety knowledge" training.

Through the training, it only improves the professional knowledge level of the employees in the company their own fire safety prevention ability, but also enables every colleague of the company to establish a good sense of safety, truly take precautions.


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