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Furnace temperature tester
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Some small details to pay attention to when using the furnace temperature tester!


Correct operation will only protect the furnace temperature tester, but also make twice the result with half the effort. The so-called details are the king. Pay attention to the following details when operating the tester.

1. Before using the furnace temperature tester, check whether the instrument has power (the light on the tester will alarm can be checked in the software). Please charge the battery of the instrument when the battery power is less than 20%.

2. Please do charge if the surface temperature of furnace temperature tester is higher than 45 ℃, try to charge at room temperature.

3. When charging the furnace temperature tester, please do exchange data (the instrument will charge if connected to USB), do plug in USB when charging.

4. Typical cause of the problem when establishing a communication connection: a communication line is fully inserted - confirm that the correct jack is used. B damaged communication line connector - check for open circuit other damage. If necessary, replace the C battery without charging - charge, make sure the charging LED is on.

5. The heat insulation box can withstand temperature at 280 ℃ for 9 minutes at most. Please be sure to exceed this range to ensure that the internal temperature of the instrument does exceed 85 ℃.

Some small details to pay attention to when using the furnace temperature tester!

6. Please quickly open the heat insulation box after the furnace is completed to prevent the heat transfer damaging the instrument.

7. If you do use the furnace temperature tester for a long time, please observe whether the data indicator flashes every 5 seconds so. If it does, please press hold the "start" end key for 5 seconds so until the indicator flashes suddenly, then observe until no light flashes.

8. When passing through the furnace, please make sure to cover the heat insulation box. It's better to hear a "click".

9. Please wait for the heat box to cool before using.

10. Only one furnace temperature tester recorder can be connected to the computer at a time. You cannot connect multiple recorders to different USB ports on the computer at the same time choose one of them.


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