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Furnace temperature tester
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What is a furnace temperature tester? Furnace temperature tester manufacturers tell you!


Furnace temperature tester is a new generation of furnace temperature recorder which is easy to operate flexible to use with high quality. It provides leading original professional reports on oven design baking process quality control. Good helper to control production time, energy, rework product scrap.

What is a furnace temperature tester? Furnace temperature tester manufacturers tell you!

Features of furnace temperature tester:

1. Superior heat-resistant performance light appearance

2. Transfer data directly through USB cable serial port without adapter

3. The memory can be cooled more effectively by the auxiliary cooling device

4. The measurement accuracy is ± 0.1 ℃ (except thermocouple error)

5. The new KRC application management software is equipped with temperature prediction function statistical management system

In many industries, such as electronics, spraying, glass, steel, solar sintering furnace, automobile spraying, aluminum other processes, the curve change of furnace temperature is related to the quality effect of the processed products. In the past, the temperature measurement method used to use thermocouple wire longer than the furnace to do the temperature measurement function (called kite flying fishing measurement), which is only difficult to operate, but also the same as Time cost is also high. In view of this, the furnace temperature tester can accurately quickly obtain record the temperature change in the furnace by the way of entering the furnace with the measured materials. The user can achieve a good control of the furnace temperature environment by measuring data, adjusting monitoring the temperature in each section of the furnace.


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