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Why do I need a nozzle cleaner?


1. Suction nozzle cleaner can reduce the purchase cost of suction nozzle

The scrapping of suction nozzle is often caused by dirty related accidents. Using this machine can solve the problem fundamentally. The price of original suction nozzle is expensive, mostly over 1000 yuan. In the long run, the economic benefit is considerable.

2. Suction nozzle cleaner can reduce unnecessary labor

The traditional cleaning method needs a lot of manual processing. After using the suction nozzle cleaning machine, there is no need for a special person to complete it.

3. Suction nozzle cleaner reduces the rate of defective products

The unclean suction of the suction nozzle is strong, which is easy to cause the sliding of the components the occurrence of the throwing phenomenon, resulting in the improvement of the defective rate of the products.

4. Nozzle cleaner can improve SMT production efficiency

The correct cleaning makes the suction nozzle work in a new state, avoids identification errors, greatly improves production capacity.

Why do I need a nozzle cleaner?

Traditional cleaning method of suction nozzle:

1. Disadvantages of alcohol + air gun: a lot of manpower is used, the nozzle cavity cannot be cleaned. If alcohol penetrates into the glue of the reflector, the reflector will fall off fade.

2. Disadvantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine: the nozzles will collide with each other, causing damage to the important black coating on the surface. The penetration of the cleaning solution will also cause the falling off of the reflecting plate. Suction nozzle cavity can be cleaned.

3. The through-hole defect of the steel needle suction nozzle is that some inner holes of the suction nozzle are no longer through, the steel needle is easy to damage the suction nozzle

The above reasons lead to the development of the nozzle cleaner, which is in line with economic benefits!


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