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Furnace temperature tester
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At present, what industry is the furnace temperature tester mainly suitable for?


For the advantages of furnace temperature tester, we have to actively grasp. Only by grasping the advantages of furnace temperature tester, can we use it correctly. Next, we will make a detailed interpretation of the advantages of furnace temperature tester.

For the production of a car, the following production processes need to use furnace temperature tester: 1. Body coating, interior decoration coating, instrument panel coating, bumper coating; 2. Automobile electronic reflow welding, wave soldering; 3. Heat treatment of automobile aluminum alloy wheel, engine shell, piston; 4. Coating of automobile aluminum alloy wheel, engine shell, piston; 5. Automobile condenser, automobile Brazing of air conditioning; 6. Heat treatment of automobile gearbox; 7. Annealing of automobile glass. The furnace temperature testing instrument itself can work under high temperature. The instrument workpiece enter the furnace together to get the actual temperature curve of the surface center of the product in the whole process, the distribution of the oven temperature, so as to solve the problems in the baking process quickly timely, so as to improve the production capacity, improve the product quality, reduce the production cost discard the product.

At present, what industry is the furnace temperature tester mainly suitable for?

The application characteristics of the furnace temperature tester are of great concern to us, are also familiar to the manufacturers of the furnace temperature tester. For furnace temperature tester, we need to know that it is widely used in chemical raw materials, coating manufacturing, aerospace industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, building materials industry, electrical industry, it communication industry, etc. In addition, the advantages of furnace temperature tester are as follows: software operation is equipped with Chinese version, Chinese version, English version, Korean version, Japanese version, etc.; high temperature protection, the internal temperature of the instrument is more than 70 ℃ the test function is automatically turned off, the power supply is automatically turned off when it is more than 80 ℃; the operation is simple convenient, all data are managed by database, guide can be used to quickly import process analysis; Wisdom Chemical control, with indicator light prompt in any case (low power, charging state, data download, data clearing, memory overflow, high temperature warning, instrument reset, etc.). The furnace temperature tester is a kind of instrument to measure the temperature distribution of products in various hot working processes.


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