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How to maintain the high pressure cleaner?


As a kind of convenient cleaning equipment, the high-pressure cleaning machine needs correct use maintenance after using it to carry out efficient cleaning work. If we operate in strict accordance with the correct aspects during the use process, carry out maintenance in time according to the regulations, we can keep it in good operation condition all the time. In this way, the service life of the high-pressure cleaning machine can be prolonged, which makes it durable saves you a lot of financial expenses. So, what aspects does the daily maintenance of the high-pressure cleaner include? Next, pneumatic steel mesh cleaning machine small series for you to answer!


The routine maintenance of the high-pressure cleaner mainly includes the following points:

1. Before using the high-pressure cleaner, wash the water pipe the internal rust impurities of the equipment.

2. Please use clean tap water directly the tap to the machine for water supply, avoid injecting the tap water containing sand other impurities during the use.

3. After using the high-pressure cleaner, wash the hose filter connected to the cleaner, remove the residue of any detergent to help prevent corrosion, then remove the rubber hose high-pressure hose the high-pressure cleaner.

4. When the high-pressure cleaner is used, the protection kit shall be used to protect the high-pressure cleaner corrosion.

5. It is forbidden to place the high-pressure washer in the environment with the temperature lower than 0 ℃ to prevent the remaining water freezing.

6. The oil shall be changed 50 hours after the first operation of the water pump, the oil shall be changed 1000 hours later.

7. Due to working in high pressure environment, nozzle wear is inevitable, so it must be replaced in time. The service life of nozzle high pressure water pipe can be prolonged by properly adjusting the pressure.

8. Regularly check the normal working state of each fog component, check whether all connecting parts fasteners are installed correctly to ensure that there are no faulty parts in the equipment.

In a word, to be able to analyze, judge eliminate faults in time, to really master how to use the high-pressure cleaning machine, to carry out regular maintenance of the machine according to regulations, so that the machine is in good condition, so as to effectively extend its service life.


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