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How to save the cost of SMT production with SMT Mounter?


SMT production site is the main place of cost consumption. Therefore, to reduce cost, excessive consumption resources should be removed the production site. Then how to reduce the cost the production site of SMT Mounter production line:

1. Improve production quality to reduce cost. In the production site, the quality in the production process is improved, so that the product fault reduction, unqualified reduction rework are less, the delivery time resource consumption are shortened, the quality cost is reduced, so that the total production cost is reduced.

2. To improve productivity, when we produce the same product "output" with less (resource) "input", produce more "output" with the same "input", the productivity will be improved. The term "input" herein refers to the input of labor, equipment materials like production. "Output" refers to the electronic semi-finished products products produced their value. Use IE to optimize the number of people on the production line (as mentioned above), try to be as concise as possible. This only reduces the cost, but also reduces the quality problem. Because of fewer people, it indicates less time for human error. As productivity increases, costs fall.

How to save the cost of SMT production with SMT Mounter?

3. Reduce inventory, SMT OEM is WIP WIP inventory, backlog. If a certain process of the production line is the bottleneck, there will be a backlog of work in progress in a certain period of time to form inventory, a component cannot be supplied to form inventory. Inventory takes up the production space, "sitting" in the production site warehouse, it will produce any added value. Instead, they worsened quality increased management relocation costs. Therefore, it is necessary to balance the production line, homogenize all the processes in the production, adjust the working load, achieve one flow production reduce the inventory to reduce the total cost.


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