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How to judge how much is a SMT nozzle cleaner?


SMT nozzle cleaner has been widely used in recent years. In order to improve the production efficiency, many enterprises use the automatic nozzle cleaning machine. How to judge the price of SMT nozzle cleaner? The price of the nozzle cleaner is affected by many aspects. Here is a brief introduction to the manufacturer of the nozzle cleaner.

1. It depends on the functions of SMT nozzle cleaner. There are three types of high-pressure water mist type SMT nozzle cleaning machine: 1. There is no air cylinder directly using compressed air; 2. There is only one air cylinder; 3. There are two air cylinders. The prices of these three types are quite different. Generally, the more functions they have, the higher the prices.

2. The price of SMT suction nozzle cleaning machine is quite different between domestic imported equipment. The prices of suction nozzle cleaning machines different manufacturers are different, the prices of equipment with different functions vary greatly. Now suction nozzle cleaning machine is a relatively mature product, the technology at home abroad is almost the same. According to their own needs.

How to judge how much is a SMT nozzle cleaner?

3. It has a great relationship with the accessories used in SMT nozzle cleaner. The part of accessories is an important embodiment of the price. In order to improve the service life of the equipment, the quality of accessories must be qualified. Otherwise, there may be some problems with the machine produced. Many small companies in order to occupy the market at a low price, the purchase of low-cost parts is also some.

4. Look at the effect of the cleaning machine, look at the brand influence of the nozzle cleaning machine manufacturer. Choose SMT nozzle cleaner try to choose a bigger company, at least the big company is more secure. After all, the brand is there the technology is more advanced.

5. Before purchasing the nozzle washer, we should first communicate with the manufacturer's professional technology, then look at your specific requirements, then refer to the comprehensive consideration of the price advantage of the nozzle washer. It's the choice of which suction nozzle cleaning machine you decide to buy. The price is only a part of the equipment of the suction nozzle cleaning machine, so the price can determine the quality of all the suction nozzle cleaning machines. Observe compare more.


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