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Vcamsmt placement machine company, hand in hand with Taiwan BangYang international, to create a brilliant marketing service for VCAM products!


On the afternoon of December 28, the last two days of 2017 2016, under the leadership of Mr. sky Chen, CEO of VCAM Asia Pacific region general manager of Shenzhen jiehuiduo Technology Co., Ltd. of the domestic company, there were 3 persons in total with the technical engineering sales director of the company, Mr. Alvis, CEO of banner ever, Mr. Alvis, head office of banner ever, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China Sign a formal agency cooperation agreement.

Vcamsmt placement machine company, hand in hand with Taiwan BangYang international, to create a brilliant marketing service for VCAM products!

Before signing the agency cooperation agreement, the technical personnel of the company explained introduced the VCAM products: pis24-365 furnace temperature real-time monitoring intelligent system solder paste automatic adding device; the person in charge of the Sales Department of the company introduced the current sales situation of the market; finally, the general manager of the company detailed the concept, service, technical research development future planning of the VCAM products Detailed introduction; general manager Chen Shijian said: business has no domain, win-win cooperation! Banner ever has 25 years of marketing service strong after-sales service system in the industry. VCAM is a professional dedicated R & D team. In the future, we can only provide professional intelligent equipment software for customers, but also provide a timely strong after-sales service system.

Banner ever:

BangYang International Co., Ltd. was formally established in Taoyuan, Taiwan, in May 1999. It continued its professional management team for many years invested in the sales technical services of SMT equipment. At that time, it was also the time when Taiwan electronics industry began to actively set up factories in mainland China put into the production related to circuit board assembly. Therefore, in a very short period of time, the agency products were added to the reflow soldering furnace the first patch machine , printing machine, inspection machine (AOI / SPI X-ray), LCM detection / packaging equipment other small medium-sized equipment, such as plate feeding / receiving machine, conveyor belt furnace temperature measuring instrument, etc., have set up offices in Dongguan in South China Shanghai Suzhou in East China.

At the end of 2010, in response to the global concept of energy conservation environmental protection, we actively deployed the sales operation of solar production equipment. In one year, the relevant machines also went deep into Anhui, Henan other places in the mainland. In the vast mainland of China, our equipment market is growing steadily. In response to the policy oriented market moving westward in mainland China adhering to the business philosophy of better customer service, we set up a maintenance station in Chongqing in 2011, together with our customer base, then officially set up a foreign trade company in Kunshan. The permanent service points have spread across the major industrial towns on both sides of the Pearl River in South China, the middle lower reaches of the Yangtze River in East China, with the goal of high standard two-hour factory service.

In addition to the quality of the products they represent, the equipment agents must also provide fast professional technical services in order to properly effectively assist our customers to meet the production capacity requirements, which is the main demand of our steady operation active deployment of service bases in China. The spirit of bonyon international in the company's logo - big in our Mind, always remind every colleague to look at every task with a larger mind pattern, including product development promotion, customer satisfaction pursuit, as well as personnel professional technology quality improvement, etc., hope to build an irreplaceable reputation image in the industry while committed to the growth development of the enterprise.


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