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What are the main sensors of SMT Mounter?


SMT Mounter is mainly composed of mounting head static lens. Firstly, the mounting head grabs the suction nozzle the extraction element the corresponding position of PCB according to the package type, element number other parameters of the imported mounting element; secondly, the static lens detects, identifies centers the extraction element according to the visual processing program, the mounting head attaches the element to the corresponding position of PCB.

SMT Mounter static lens is also known as Mounter sensor. The function of the sensor is to check the function of components electrical appliances. Like the eyes of SMT Mounter, they monitor the normal operation of the machine. Jiehuiduo SMT Mounter what are the main sensors of SMT Mounter?

What are the main sensors of SMT Mounter?

1. Pressure sensor

The chip mounter, including various air cylinders vacuum generators, has certain requirements for air pressure. When the pressure is lower than the required pressure of the equipment, the machine can work normally. The pressure sensor has been monitoring the pressure change. Once it is abnormal, it will give an alarm in time prompt the operator to deal with it in time.

2. Negative pressure sensor

The suction nozzle of SMT machine draws components by negative pressure, which is composed of negative pressure generator (jet vacuum generator) vacuum sensor. If the negative pressure is enough, the components will be sucked. If the feeder has no components the components are stuck in the material bag, the components will be sucked by the suction nozzle. These conditions will affect the normal operation of the machine. The negative pressure sensor monitors the change of negative pressure all the time. When the negative pressure sensor fails to absorb hold the components, it can give an alarm in time to prompt the operator to replace the feeder check whether the negative pressure system of suction nozzle is blocked.

3. Azimuth sensor

The transmission positioning of PCB, including the counting of PCB, the real-time detection of the movement of the head the worktable, the movement of the auxiliary mechanism so on, all have strict requirements on the orientation, which are realized by various kinds of orientation sensors.

4. Image sensor

The real-time display of SMT Mounter's working state mainly uses CCD image sensor, which can collect all kinds of required image signals, including PCB orientation, device size, through computer analysis processing, make the mounter head complete the adjustment mounter work.


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