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How to prevent static electricity in SMT Mounter?


With the rapid development of SMT Mounter technology, automatic mounter mounter accessories are also favored by people, especially jiehuiduo SMT Mounter. However, static electricity appears in the actual production process of SMT Mounter. So how to prevent static electricity? Next, we will briefly introduce three main methods of anti-static.

1、 Use anti-static material: metal is conductor, leakage current of conductor will damage device. In addition, metal insulating materials can be used as antistatic materials because of the triboelectricity of insulating materials. On the contrary, the antistatic material is the so-called electrostatic conductor whose surface resistance is less than equal to 1 × 105 Ω· cm the electrostatic conductor whose surface resistance is 1 × 105-1 × 108 Ω· cm. For example, the common anti-static material is realized by adding conductive carbon black into rubber, its surface resistance is controlled below 1 × 106 Ω· cm.

How to prevent static electricity in SMT Mounter?

2、 Leakage grounding: ground components that may may generate static electricity, provide electrostatic discharge channels. The "independent" foundation is established by the method of burying soil. Make the grounding resistance less than 10 Ω (see gbjl79 SJ / t10694-1996).

3、 Use ion fan: use ion fan to produce positive negative ions, which can neutralize static electricity. It can be set in the space of the mounter near the head of the mounter. Process control method: in order to produce as little static electricity as possible in production, SMT Mounter can control the accumulation of static electricity, quickly eliminate the existing accumulation of static electricity, release it immediately. , equipment installation, operation, management system other aspects to take effective measures.


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